How do I get access to CCM photos?

Select photos of all my shoots are uploaded to the Zeek Creative Facebook Page in a screen appropriate format with a small watermark. This provides a simple method for sharing photos with friends and family in an easily accessible and widely distributable format.

Students, Faculty and members of Staff have the additional option of downloading full resolution digital images for personal and portfolio use. Click the "Login" button on the CCM dropdown, which will take you to a registry and password entry screen. The current password is shared with the CCM community at the beginning of each academic year. Once inside the login, you will find photos well organized into multiple categories, featuring a wide range of CCM sponsored productions and events.

Parents, Alumni, and other interested parties are requested to contact us if they are interested in purchasing prints from a CCM shoot. Please let us know the specific event you are interested in, and we will send you a link to the appropriate gallery. Unfortunately, other than facebook, we do not post photos of CCM events for public consumption at this time.

Do I have to pay for the photos?

Digital downloads of all photos are provided to CCM students, faculty and staff for FREE*. This is my way to give back to this important institution which has given me so much. Prints that are ordered on the site do have fees associated with the production of the print and royalties paid.

What format are the photos available in?

Students, Faculty and Staff:

  • You may download a full resolution digital photo by "selecting" the photo(s) and choosing the "download" option. There is no charge to download any photos in the CCM section for Students, Faculty or Staff.
  • You may also order a print of the photo from one of the several vendors available. *There will be a charge associated with a print version of the photo.

Parents, Alumni, etc:

  • If you have contacted us and received a link to a specific photo gallery, photo prints will be available in multiple formats for purchase. Please see your specific gallery for details. We do not offer digital downloads to anyone other than current Students, Faculty and Staff.

Anyone interested in screen formatted photos may share and download digital versions of photos posted to the Zeek Creative Facebook Page.

*Are there any copyright restrictions?

Yes. Adam Zeek retains all copyrights to the photos except those explicitly granted.

Students, Faculty and Staff are approved for the following uses when downloading photos:

  • Self promotion, including publishing in a website, catalog, or portfolio either in digital or print format.
  • If publishing for public consumption (print, website, social media, etc) photo attribution must be given to Adam Zeek.
  • If not publishing for public consumption (private use, personal portfolio, etc) no attribution is required.

I am a student, can I just share a few photos with my parents?

Any photos shared by students on social media from the Zeek Creative Facebook Page may be re-shared and used by parents and anyone else on social media without restriction. However, if photos are downloaded in full resolution from the password protected library, they may not be shared, and are only given the permissions as outlined above.

These photos are provided free of charge only to current Students, Faculty and Staff of CCM. I provide these photos to help students in their fledgling careers to have quality content in which to market themselves, and for the college to market its fantastic product (you the students).

I would love to share all my content for free to those who would enjoy it, however the production of all these photos requires a significant investment of time and capital (especially in equipment and training). To assist me in continuing to produce content in the future that would benefit the students and college, I do ask that parents, alumni and other interested parties show their support of the work, by purchasing the print photos they are interested in from my website.

I you have a specific request or want to discuss bulk pricing or a package deal, please contact us!

I have more questions!

Please contact us, and we'll be happy to answer any questions, or provide you with custom support based on your needs!