Photography - Design - Entertainment - Education

These categories seem to define the majority of the creative endeavors that I pursue each and every day and inform the most important values of my life.

I'm Adam Zeek, owner of Zeek Creative, a brand formed to encompass all of my various projects in the entertainment, photographic and design disciplines. I am based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, however I work all across the country to pursue various creative endeavors. 

I have a deep passion for the creativity of artists, and collaborating with them is what I live for. Working with countless other creative individuals as a technician, electrician, live event specialist, lighting designer, projection designer, system designer, graphic designer, photographer, etc has given me a unique perspective and view on the world, which informs every project in which I participate. The titles change constantly, but my thirst for creative collaboration continues to grow. I love to learn, experience, and evolve as a creative individual, and not tying myself down to one particular discipline has helped me feed those passions and always keep things challenging.

The cliche of "Jack of All Trades..." certainly seems to fit my lifestyle often. It's a label that I only halfheartedly try to dismiss in my constant pursuit to at least be "...master of some." I hope that we can collaborate on a project soon. Feel free to contact me to discuss future collaboration!